When Sex Hurts

Painful sex (the unintentional kind) can make life and relationships less satisfying. Sex is not a necessity–it is not like oxygen, food, or shelter–but it is important to many women. “Dyspareunia” is the medical term for painful sex, and it is a common problem. Many women are embarrassed to discuss this with their healthcare providers. […]

When Yeast is Not Yeast

I think it is a good thing that women do not need to see a doctor for every ailment, that they can self-diagnose and treat with over-the-counter medications. But sometimes, self-diagnosis leads to the wrong treatment and worsening symptoms. Case in point: chronic yeast infections. Yes, there are definitely women who have frequent and recurrent […]

Could It Be Endometriosis?

It’s a common scenario: A young woman goes to the Emergency Room with pelvic pain. She’s told that it must be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (a condition often caused by an untreated STI), but she’s monogamous and has no risk factors or fever. She’s treated with antibiotics but all of her cultures come back negative and […]

You need an IUD

You need an IUD. Trust me, I’m a doctor. IUDS ARE 99% EFFECTIVE IN PREVENTING PREGNANCY, MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND WAY, WAY MORE EFFECTIVE THAN CONDOMS. They are also very reversible: your hormones and fertility go back to baseline within a day or two. Okay, obviously this post does not apply to […]