Wait, no pelvic exam?

There is so much confusion and misinformation when it comes to pelvic exams: what they entail, what they can and cannot diagnose, and how often they are necessary. In this time of telemedicine, people are surprised to learn that yes, actually, I can do many visits remotely. When I was in residency (before computers or […]

Are You Hormonal?

Are you hormonal? By that I mean, are you very nurturing and compassionate (oxytocin)? Energetic (adrenalin)? Curvy (estrogen)? Calm (progesterone)? Happy (dopamine)? Hormones are your friends. Popular myths have made us equate hormones with negative emotions, weight gain and overall dysfunction. This is simply wrong. Working like a beautiful symphony, there are hundreds of hormones […]

What is “Functional Medicine”?

I have drunk the koolaid. Or at least the açaí-chia-maca-based elixir that is boosting my vitality and vigor. Okay, I made-up the elixir. But I am studying Functional Medicine and I am one of many MDs who feels that Functional Medicine is the future of conventional medicine. So what exactly is Funtional Medicine? Functional medicine […]

When Sex Hurts

Painful sex (the unintentional kind) can make life and relationships less satisfying. Sex is not a necessity–it is not like oxygen, food, or shelter–but it is important to many women. “Dyspareunia” is the medical term for painful sex, and it is a common problem. Many women are embarrassed to discuss this with their healthcare providers. […]

When Yeast is Not Yeast

I think it is a good thing that women do not need to see a doctor for every ailment, that they can self-diagnose and treat with over-the-counter medications. But sometimes, self-diagnosis leads to the wrong treatment and worsening symptoms. Case in point: chronic yeast infections. Yes, there are definitely women who have frequent and recurrent […]